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familiar with these images. >> don't get -- >> america, afghanistan come to this and they get airplanes from the united states to attack. >> we now finally have adam plets, the man behind the video via skype "right this minute" from beirut to tell us more about the process of making this incredible documentary. >> we're thrilled to have you on the show. first of all, what made you want to create this video? >> well, it came out in a conversation with syrian, they started telling afghans america put a man on the moon. the reaction from the guy he was speaking to was one of hysterical laughter. it got me thinking, what else might they not be aware of. >> were you surprised what you found out, even though you had a good idea what you may here? >> surprised to the extent. it's kind of understandable they wouldn't know about it, because these guys pretty much live in a media vacuum. that's pretty much the norm throughout afghanistan. you're away from the big cities. >> how did they react amp you told them what these photos were? >> a lot is lost in communication. what often happens they'd th
america's economic future. the bay area's crab season is set to open next week in time for thanksgiving. fishing for crab is already underway, it is an early indicator of the commercial season. fishing boat captain say they are seeing full crab pots on iran and even those crabbing peers say they are happy with their take. >> every trip we made clear getting full traps. >> saturday i was here for five hours and got nothing but monday i got eight. >> a menace to agree on a price which is not always the case. and firefighters will deliver critical emergency information before they arrived. they received a $10,000 donation to pay for the equipment. the chief said the ipad could help firefighters in situations like the san bruno pipeline explosion. >>> there is now a sketch of a man accused of trying to kidnap a teenage girl this week and a better description of the truck may be involved. oakland police created this sketch. the man grabbed a 14 -year-old girl near 100 third and international. he got away. they are looking for a newer model red dodge ram pickup and a second man who was drivin
are autos losing the prosperity initiative. >> america chose a socialist leader rather than a cap capitalist economy. >> everything will continue to get worse. >> reporter: there were some democrats in the crowd, at least at one table in the corner. >> i didn't want to growth in front of their -- gloat in front of their faces, but i was happy. >> a lot of sadness for the republicans. i heard one woman say, i'm going to go to my car and cry. live in walnut creek, channel actual news. >> several tails tax hikes. -- sales tax hikes. the half cent tax hike would last for eight years and be used to maintain funding for city services including fire and police protection. in santa clair county, a half cent sales tax there which is losing. the measure would increase the general sales tax by 1/8th of a cent. voters are also voting down a quarter cents sales tax. in fairfield voters are also saying no to proposition p, a 1% sales tax increase that would have severe cuts to city services. >> let's go back to the newsroom with social media. >> reporter: twitter reports there were more than 31 million
core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. >>> happening now reality tv has come to the silican valley. bravo has tech workers trying to make it big. debora villalon has the news. >> reporter: invited guests have finished screening the pilot. it's a show about silican valley but tonight's hoopla is in san francisco. >> what are your favorite mels. >> reporter: the show stars answered questions. shooting the new series start- ups, silican valley. >> it's this sensation, apple, twitter, facebook, google, every single one of these companies started within 30 miles of where i'm sitting right now, that's insane. >> reporter: what's insane is a show portraying high tech with a cast too white, too attractive and
voters. >> america's got a choice to make. you in ohio, you've already been making the choice because you've got early vote. >> between vote campaigns, more than 40 visits in the last six months, and a combined $116 million on advertising, now they hope their investments lead to high voter turnout. >> i want to make sure that we get everyone to the polls either now or on tuesday. >> ohio voters have chosen the winner in the last 12 presidential elections. a real clear politics average of o ho polls shows president obama ahead by nearly three points. ohio's governor says it's enthusiasm that matters. >> god created pollsters to make -- to make astrologers look accurate, you know. it's all about turnout. >> president obama is expected to do well in ohio's big cities but the outcome could hing on rural and suburban areas. >> these are place where is the republican traditionally can be counted onto get 60 to 70% of the vote. so does the democrat cut into that margin by two, three, four points or not. >> in a last-minute schedule change, romney decided to head back to ohio on election day. >>
up the tax code we know we're going to get more economic growth. it'll bring jobs back to america. it'll bring more revenue. >> reporter: with their starting points for negotiations defined both parties agree a deal must be reached or the economy will fall back into recession. >> i was encouraged to hear speaker boehner agree that tax and revenue is a priority. >> reporter: in washington, nicole collins fox news. >>> more details on that so called fiscal cliff. without action bush era tax cuts would end. including the child tax credit and earned income tax credit. billions of the dollars in automatic spending cuts would kick in including money for education, food inspections and air travel safety. >>> the dow industrials closed up four points the nasdaq gained nine. but for the week, both of those indexes ended more than 2% lower. >>> the unexpected resignation of cia director david petraeus. general petraeus is best known for his leadership in the post9/11 wars. he had served as c -- cia director for more than a year. >>> senator dianne feinstein called loss of petraeus a loss. >>>
and blue states we are and forever will be the united states of america." president barack obama was concilatory in his victory speech after defeated governer mitt romney...... a victory that was projected just 17 minutes after the polls closed in california. "depending on your views it was a mercifully quick election." pete haas is a political science prefessor who attended a party held by the master of public administration group...... he finds it strange how everything turned out. "it was interesting to see how things unfolded obviously president obama won relection which i think pleased most of the attendees." the attendees were a collection of grad and undergrad students who gathered at the saint claire hotel to witness american hior "america's never been about what can be donefor us it's about what can be done by us." the president of the mpa marlene gaucin was excited about the group hosting it's very first election party. "it's very excting this is the first year that this type of event has been done by this organization, we definitely appreciate the turnout." the next mo
: for the first time there are now more workers in america than when the president took off in january 2009. mitt romney says look at a different number. we learned it is 7.9%. that is 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than what barack obama took off. >> reporter: hiring barely kept up with the population and 12 million people can not find a job. polls show americans think the economy and jobs are the major issues this time. back to you. >>> on wall street, stocks finished lower. the dow lost way down by the insurance sector of concerns of the east coast cleanup. nasdaq fell 37. >>> executives from restoration hardware rang the opening bell as it returned to the publicly traded company. they were listed on the nasdaq before going private in 2008. shares jumped 30% from $24 to just above $31. the company raised $124 million in the sale. >>> the woman who played an important role in the abuse scandal involves san francisco creamy is hitting social media with a political ad. >> reporter: madison's message vote for anyone but supervisor christinaaa alogie. the n
the voters said on election day. in oakland, ktvu news. >> leaders in latin america are calling for a mexico, honduras, and in countries leaders say that had legalization of marijuana in washington and colorado will have critical implications in international efforts to end drug smuggling. >>> well, forget the iphone five, apple's workers are already starting trial production of the iphone 5-s. a new ipad will come out in the second quarter of 2013. but boy, they generate a lot of talk among apple followers. a. >>> a leading british medical is questioning the effectiveness of a flu drug. bmj says that there's no evidence for the effectiveness of tamiflu, last year why can tamiflu was organized. i couldn't. >> defending himself, against accusations he had sex with an underaged boy. kevin clash says that he did have a relationship with his accuser, but both of them were over the age of 18 at a time. his confuser says that the relationship started when he was 16 accuse the nights has believed arrived for the fans of the twilight saga. many have been camping out since last week outside the nokia
scouts of america responded this evening saying that regardless of the state and local law makers' efforts there's no intent to change their policy. they said quote, "he does not meet the discounting -- he is no longer eligible for membership in caughting. >> reporter: and back here live, you can see him getting up right now to receive his proclamation from the mayor of maraga. and we have learned that they planned to recognize ryan to draw more attention to ryan's cause. reporting live in maraga tonight, jamie katayama, ktvu news. >> and questionable expenses about port officials in oakland now just seems like the tip of the iceberg. two port officials 20 more than $45 of public money at a houston strip club. an internal audit has uncovered 2-$4,000 in questionable spending on travel and other expenses bias many as 11 port employees. port officials would not answer questions about the audit today, but issued this response saying quote, "the board is looking on completing the investigation as soon as possible, and then taking action." >>> now to the water main break that left the
is held in lou of 150,000 bail. the authorities suspect he robbed a bank of america branch in the san fran richmond district. we learned that he once co owned a gunshot before filing for bankruptcy in july. and that the deputy owed $700,000 in debt. the investigators have arrested a -- >>> the investigators have arrested a fellow officer and his wife for scamming an elderly man. the 36-year-old man and his wife were accused of abusing an 82-year-old pleasant man. the two put the man's entire estate of a trust account only they can access. he is a former police commander. he was arrested on theft charges. >>> a teenager is in custody accused of a shocking string of crimes. the police say he kidnapped and assaulted a woman and left her to die. the victim was found on hidden brook parkway after the police say she was abducted from a shopping center on plaza drive about five miles away. that is also where the police eventually discovered the suspect. >> the lieutenant called it a violent attack. >> it was resolved quickly. the arrest was made within hours. great deal of the evidence was collec
nurses at eight hospitals and two san jose hospitals affiliated with the hospital corporation of america. unions say the nurses are upset about patient care conditions, wages and benefits. >>> the mayor announced a labor deal between the worriers and union. it's part of an effort to bring the team. the mayor says the worriers, the president of unite here local two signed the agreement. it stipulates they will hire a union employees for construction of a new waterfront arena. if approved, it will create 5600 construction job and 1700 purple innocent jobs. >> not only are we creating jobs but we have agreement that these are going to be good paying jobs because they will be union jobs. >>> the san francisco board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on a resolution tomorrow which would authorize the city to initiate an envier mental review. >>> a debate in san francisco today over how they should spend a surplus. today supervisor scott said the $6.7 million should fund improvements like new trains and more. the supervisor says the rate is 57% but advocates argue surplus would be used t
-old pacifica have not the man seen in this picture taken at a bank of america branch on balboa street. fingerprints on a note led to his arrest. he posted $150,000 bail. >> first of all we have a problem with prison overcrowding. with realignment, we have more people in the jails. unless someone is proven to be a danger, something else, they're going to be bail. >> reporter: he was alreadyed to surrender his passport, his guns, and to stay away from the teller which he robbed. he faces up to five years in prison if convicted, a fellow deputy patted tong's shoulder as he left the courtroom. >> he could >> he could be transferred to another county. he could have interacting with the judges in some way. >> reporter: tong inclined to speak with us outside the courtroom. >> he will prove his innocence outside of the cot. >> reporter: he's due back in court on september 17th. david stevenson, ktvu news. >> a the search is on for two armed men who held up the joyeria on story road near king road about 10:15. police say the men walked into the store wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts. at so
. >> now i'll play some air hockey. now take your shirt off. >>> we have winners from all over america in the "right this minute" ipad giveaway. >>> today's tuesday, time to give one away. >> remember, you have to be 18 years or older to enter and you have to have tuesday's buzz word. >> you have to head over to our facebook page to enter the giveaway. >> all right, steven. it's time. >> tuesday's buzz word is -- superhero! that's right, superhero. head over to facebook talk/rightthisminute. hit the ipad button. and enter s-u-p-e-r-h-e-r-o for your chance to win an ipad 3. good luck, everybody. >>> grandma calls some people over to ask a question. and then -- >> oh! what? the heck? >> see how they hang in when she hangs out. >>> today we're going to have little fun learning about the amazing honey bee. >> it's a honey bee eating honey. >> they make the hopny and they eat the honey? >> apparently the poster of this video saw this little bee being attacked by ants. so the guy rescued the bee, the bee was kind of in shock. so he you know poured a little honey on the table. it looks like a
winners from all over america in our "right this minute" ipad giveaway, and we've got more to give. >> in just a bit we'll tell you wednesday's buzz word and how to enter. >> and remember you have to be 18 years or older for your chance to win an ipad 3. >> so stand by for wednesday's buzz word and good luck, everybody. >>> you guys probably remember the cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy, the costa concordia that ran aground killing more than 30 people. well, that ship is still in the water and it's also left some other victims in its wake. these giant mussels that scientists just found. the plants died because of the shadow cast from the ship. these are rare, you can see how huge they are. scientists found about 200 of these and they're trying to move them from near the ship because they're afraid they're going to get killed during the recovery of this ship. >> these aren't actually things that can move on their own? >> right. you can see how big they are. scientists believe some of these are 15 years old. they're going to move them to a different part of the sea floor,
. very smooth and sensual. they say call me, seriously. ♪ >> i would just like to say thank you, america, for utilizing our my channel feature on and senng us amazing videos like this one. the cutest video ever. cutest thing ever. ♪ >> my gosh. that's happened to me. >> so what we're looking at here, little timmy getting horse kisses om a retired racing horse who is more than 20 years old and seems to really, really like little timmy. this was uploaded by one of our viewers named heather herman and is the manager at summit ranch center in california. they have a program where timmy is a student that gets to interact with the out of this. >> i wouldn't say these are exactly kisses. this is more like a horse tongue bath. horse tongue sponge bath. >> according to heather, this horse loves to give everyone kisses. >> that's going to do it for us here at rtm. we'll leave you with more of channing tatum's "gq" dance shoot. enjoy. ♪ -- captions by vitac -- i am making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you
? today i'm not drinking wine. >>> this pole dancing competition in south america had a little bit of a twist. for the first time they also had -- dudes? now, see, dudes? please let me point out the background is miss pole dance. what are they doing there? >> it's great to see these men and their athleticism manifesting itself. >> it looks very athletic. if anybody that's seen cirque du soleil, you see guys doing the same thing. >> this is a bad marketing job from this company. >> the winner wasn't a dude. it was a girl. we found a bunch of videos on the internet of the winner. and she won for good reason. this is her just practicing. i have to say, just the athletic ability alone, pretty impressive. >> that is amazing. this woman is all muscle. >> yep. >> there's no answer. she's a lot of things. >> look at her. i mean she is suspended by one leg. >> now you understand why we like going to these places. >> it's 2012. it's time to start expanding our horizons. >>> guys, this is always a lot of fun. the "right this minute" ipad give away may be over. but we have one of our final luc
deep fried turkey. >> i don't know why, guys, i have a feeling atq dinner table across america this thanksgiving, this new song is going to be playing in the background. ♪ december was christmas jan waz new year's april was easter and the fourth of july was thanksgiving ♪ thanksgiving we we we're going to have a good time ♪ >> in case you couldn't tell, this song is called it's thanksgiving by nicole westbrook. my ears are bleeding. why do you do this stuff? >> it's thanksgiving. we we are going to have a good time. >> i'm physically uncomfortable right now. >> see the new rebecca ack? >> funny you ask that because the much older guy in this video is actually patrice wilson, who produced this video and produced friday by rebecca black. >> ♪ friday, friday, got to get down on friday ♪ >> this guy figured out a formula that works. >> why make a pop song about thanksgiving? >> because there's not one. ♪ ♪ we we are going to have a good time ♪ >> green beans, yeah! >> i know what you guys are thinking. the song is pretty good but it needs a wrap. >> ♪ thanksgiving
's had a beautiful, wonderful life in america, after watching that mother's reaction, i can't imagine the last 18 years for her. >> it's been quite an eventful time of george's life. not only did he go to romania to meet his birth parents, he's made a single available on itunes called, "it's a gift." and he has a girlfriend. >> two options for me, either dead or where i am now. this kind of adoption is where i am now. >> an amateur race in california. everybody gets off to a clean start up to the first turn. there's handlebar bumping, rubbing there, part of racing. >> rubbing is racing. >> right. the 250 cc light blast, things are about to get really out of shape. a couple of turns are wiggley. the big jump coming up, big 90 foot. here it comes. watch what happens. >> he landed on that dude. >> he landed on that girl. that was a female racer just in front of him. she didn't jump up as high as he did. he went to the sky to jump. once he was in the air, he doesn't have much control over where he goes, landed right on top of her. >> and he's on a very heavy motorcycle. of course the weig
and meet with democrats who love america just like you love america, and there are good democrats like that. >> romney is expected to attend rallies in ohio and wisconsin tomorrow. >>> president obama received a big endorsement from new york city mayor michael bloomberg. he used this week's storm to highlight the president's warning about global warming. >>> the victim's wife says she still hasn't been allowed to see her husband's body. >> wilbur bartly's family shared photos and put out a plea. >> this is such a sad sad moment. not because of just what's been taken from us but because it's been taken from everyone else. >> reporter: so they want answers including his widow. >> i don't have any information about my husband, i haven't seen him since he died. i cannot view his body because it's a homicide. >> reporter: a homicide which pushed howard jordan to stand with the family explaining how last summer he met the business owner. >> i'm here today to personally condemn that senseless act of violence against this man. this man was more than just a number in a homicide stats, he was a famil
big cities in america. jade hernandez. >> reporter: health, jade hender the candlelight vigil vigil brought together at least 50 people tonight and they moustached while police face another year where the homicide rate will hit a record-high. >> i just didn't believe it. >> reporter: detectives told evelyn agulto that her son died after being shot in the apartment complex where they both live. >> how can you do that to someone and live with yourself. >> reporter: san josi police told us by phone that the shooting happened moments before 1:30 this morning, but investigators already have witnesses. police won't say much other than there is no quick fix to the number of homicides seen in this city over the last few years. last years hit 40. this past august police dealt with a violent crime spree lasting eleven days. eight people died. the deputyf department spokesman says with less than ten gang-related he is reluctant to tie it to gang activity. >> it's just devastating. >> reporter: but for neighbors in this complex, this is a story about their loss, and what one family will neve
to afghanistan and was said to leave the marine corp. in just two months. >>> at 10:30, honoring america's veterans and those who died serving our country. one blue star mom's hope for everyone this year. >>> the bakers union is on strike tonight at hostess brand bakeries across the country. as jana katsuyama reports the company that makes everything from twinkees to sour dough bread is in danger now of folding. >> reporter: workers chanted on the picket line near a line of delivery trucks idle and empty. >> we're taking the sacrifices for the mistakes of the ceos. >> reporter: most of the plant's 70 workers are joining a nationwide strike. 6,500 members of the bakers union walked out. hostess bound which makes twinkies, hoho bread filed for bankruptcy. and a court deal is not so sweet. it involved 80% pay cut, no over time or holiday pay. >> at least half of these people were supposed to retire this year and last year and they weren't able to retire because of the stop in the pension. >> i have three kids, i have two kids and one girl. i have two in college right now. >> reporter: today
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those who wore america's uniforms. >> president obama took part in the traditional ceremony at arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown and the playing of taps. >> after a decade of war our heros are coming home. over the next few years more than a million service members will transition back to civilian life. they'll take off their uniforms and take on a new and lasting role. they will be veterans. >> mr. obama pledged to help veterans recover from injuries and to get jobs. veteran days also falls on the 11th day of the 11 month which is when world war i ended. >>> people paid tribute to veterans, ktvu's anne rubin was in petaluma where hundreds gathered to salute veterans. >> my brother is a marine. so we both support him. he just got back from afghanistan. >> reporter: from afghanistan to iraq to world war ii, petaluma honored veterans from everywhere. >> it's like a huge kinship. >> they say this day means the world. >> look at them here. they're just all caring, they're crying, they have tears for people. >> reallily warms your heart and makes you fee
appearance. police in the central america say he's a person of interest in the killing of his next door neighbor. mcafee sold his company and has no connection since 1994. >>> the scandal that led to the resignation of cia director now involves another high-ranking military official. general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is now being investigated for alleged inappropriate communication with jill kelley. kelley's complaints about e-mails sparked the fbi investigation into the affair between patrais and his biographer. general allen was nominated to be the commander of nato forces in europe. he's denied any wrong doing. his nomination is now on hold. >>> san francisco democrat nancy pilosi is about to announce her plans. the congresswoman is expected to reveal tomorrow whether she'll continue or step aside. she offered no hit today during a press conference in washington. she served four years as speaker of the house before democrats lost the majority in 2010. >>> a bicyclist is recovering after a hit and run crash. the cruel twist that left him without wheels. >>> wel
america's worse mass suicide. coleader jones abandoned the temple to bring his followers to gayana. he ordered his followers to drink cyanide laced kool-aid. a minister says it's important to remember the youngest victims. >> every single person counts but children matter twice. because they evoke our present joy and they also determine our future. >> reporter: as part of the service, mourners covered up the part of the ceremony memorial that reveals jones's name. >>> a coguard spokesman says a fisherman spotted a man's body at 7:30 a.m. near the golden gate bridge and notified authorities. the man was not wearing a life vest. the man has not been identified, the death is under investigation. >>> san francisco firefighters are also investigateing the cause of a house fire in the richmond district. the house fire broke out at a home at about 2:00 p.m. one person was inside the house but managed to get out safely. the house though suffered severe damage. witnesses on the scene say that the flames actual wily spread to two adjacent homes but it's unclear if they were significantly damaged
sector jobs. >> reporter: there are now more workers in america than there were when the president took office in january of 2009. but that includes an increase in the number of people who can only find part time work. mitt romney says look at a different number. >> today we learned that it's actually 7.9% and that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. >> reporter: hiring has barely kept up, and more than 10 million people can't find a job. polls show americans think the economy and jobs are the major issue. no wonder both campaigns are spinning the numbers. >>> presidential voting preferences have not changed much here in california according to a new exclusive ktvu field poll. in the final preelection poll taken from october 25th to the 30th, voters statewide support president obama 54% to 39% for mitt romney. that is roughly the same lead president obama has held over romney since 2011. >>> actor john cusack production company says it is working on a movie about rush limbaugh. cusack himself will star in it. >>> i
to surrender to police in central america for questioning in a murder case. police in belize call mcafee a person of interest in the death of his neighbor. mcafee denies any involvement in the death. he told wire magazine he has changed his appearance. mcafee sold the santa clara company years ago and has not been involved with it for years. >>> the man who accused kevin clash, the puppeteer of elmo of a sexual relationship recanted his statement. the puppeteer admits he had a relationship with the man but said they were both consenting adults at the time. clash took a leave of absence from sesame street on sunday just before the allegations were made public. >>> renewed its declaration of a public health emergency due to medical cannabis. the city has been renewing the declaration since 1998 as a way to boost its policy toward medical marijuana. this year comes as the city is suing the federal government to keep it from taking possession of the harper health care center a ladies and gentlemen of the jury marijuana dispensary. >>> a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. you can watc
francisco bank of america branch. he was arrested at county jail number 1 and charged with felony burglary and felony robbery. he left the jail that evening. >> these are allegations at this point. >> reporter: a partner with a firm known for representing law enforcement officers, including former about a bart officer johanes mehserle. >> a deputy unfortunate enough to have these sorts of allegations would be treated the same. >> reporter: stern represents the san francisco deputy sheriff's association, but will not be representing tong in his criminal case. >> questions of identification and all of those sorts of things. >> reporter: the fbi has partial jurisdiction. the fbi spokeswoman tells us, the district attorney office will tell us who can present a stronger case. >> courts have been known to deviate and come down more harshly on law enforcement officers. >> reporter: tong's first court appearance is set for next monday. >>> a ballpark favorite, cracker jacks is striking out with a consumer group. they're launching a new product called cracker jacked, a caffeinated snack. the two ou
back. >> nurses staged walk outs tonight in several hospitals. health care corporation of america. now fishes at one hospital sutter delta have decided to uni laterally implement parts of the disputed contract. nurses tell us there's a lot at stake and they're not happy. >> we have no sick time, we lose our health care. we would lose our education leave. >> that's really in line with police, fire, teachers. >> the strikes were scheduled to last one or two days but some hospitals say they will lock the nurses until friday. >>> a holiday warning tonight about hazardous toys from a well known consumer group. the california public interest research group released its 27th annual trouble in toy land list today. it's a survey of toys that it says are hazardous to children and adolesence. >> when two magnets are in a child's abdomen, even if they're in separate parts of the about because they're so strong they will find each other. >> some toys have small parts that make a choking hazard. others have high contents of led. >>> the new eastern span of the bay bridge is now suspended. crews say
collection that's on display. and the ferrari club of america. >>> get ready to play ball. why it's not too early to think of baseball if you're an a's fan. >>> also a series of >>> a south bay charity says it will open its cold weather shelter program tomorrow. ehc line fielders runs three shelters at the national guard armories. the program provides 275 emergency beds some of them allocated for veterans and people previously living in homeless encampment. it's annual program serves almost 3,000 people each year. >>> and the timing of this really is good because our weather is changing. let's check in now with our meteorologist mark tamayo. and mark those temperatures have already dropped significantly. >> already we're talking about 40s. here's a look at some of the current numbers out there. san jose checking in 49 degrees. reports of fog already out toward santa rosa. the oakland airport, san jose and also out toward the fairfield area as well. in addition to the cold temperatures overnight we're tracking a major weather change with more storms developing out here in the pacific. first
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